Continuous Flow

Continuous flow manufacturing is gaining momentum within the pharmaceutical industry, as it can offer improved process safety, enhanced purity and product quality, smaller footprint, lower operating costs and better real-time analytics.

Cambrex, enhanced by our acquisition of Snapdragon Chemistry, offers flow chemistry services to provide our customers with route scouting, process development, process optimization or scale-up and commercialization, depending on the phase of your program. We also provide reactor design and build services enabling customers to implement processes in-house and providing seamless technology transfer as a process scales up for commercial manufacturing. Leaning on decades of experience at our High Point, NC facility and Snapdragon’s industry-leading innovations, we have the expertise to successfully leverage continuous technology from first delivery through to large-scale GMP commercial manufacturing.

Our continuous flow services include:

  • Reaction kinetics screening
  • Reaction condition development and optimization
  • High pressure and high temperature capabilities
  • Photochemistry and electrochemistry
  • Analytical method development and process analytical technology (PAT) integration into continuous flow process
  • Development of continuous extraction/separation/crystallization
  • Membrane purification technologies including tangential flow filtration (TFF), nanofiltration and pervaporation
  • Hybrid and multi-step connected continuous processing
  • Process characterization
  • Development of process-specific control and regulatory strategy
  • Process optimization and technology transfer
  • Proof-of-concept and engineering campaigns
  • Scale-up and GMP manufacturing
  • Incorporation of in-line wet milling to control particle size