Enabling Complexity: Drug Substance Manufacturing Via Continuous Flow

Continuous flow

Continuous manufacturing is now a well-established technology for pharmaceutical manufacturing. As drug substance molecular complexity continues to increase, flow chemistry is becoming an essential enabling technology. Chemical methods once restricted to the discovery laboratory can be available for use in clinical and commercial manufacturing because of flow technology.

In this webinar hosted by Outsourced Pharma, Matthew Bio, Chief Scientific Officer at Cambrex, will discuss examples of the use of flow technology to enable modern synthetic methods from pilot-scale through commercial. He will cover development and implementation with examples of cryogenic organometallic reactions and photochemistry, along with the utility of data-rich experimentation to facilitate rapid development and right-first-time manufacturing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The relevance of continuous flow in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Use cases to support the utilization of continuous flow throughout drug development