Microbial Identification Trending for Environmental Monitoring of Classified Areas

Environmental monitoring

When analyzing environmental monitoring data, the microbial identifications are just as, if not more significant, than the counts recovered. The constant recovery of microorganisms that are within the specification limits determined by the facility can still pose a threat to operations depending on the identification. The determination of the common organisms recovered in the classified areas should be trended and evaluated for why they are common and if they should be expected. The common organisms, once determined, should be incorporated in the growth promotion of media to have truly robust media fill and environmental monitoring programs. The organisms need to also be challenged during the validation of the disinfectant regiment that is routinely executed by the facility to determine if the reagents selected will be effective.

This will become more relevant in the coming months as two common disinfectant reagents, LpH II and Vepshene II, are being discontinued and new disinfectant reagents will need to be validated for use. The continuous environmental monitoring, microbial identification, and disinfectant qualifications ensures the selected disinfectant reagents continue to be effective against any organisms that are observed increasing in recovery frequency. Watch our webinar to learn more.